Monday, November 8, 2010

Demons and demons and demons OH MY!

I haven't posted in awhile and that is partly because my creative juices have tanked over the past couple weeks. I can't write ANYTHING unless it's a bullshitted History exam on the American Revolution, but even then, I just use a lot of big words and talk about how awesome T. Jeff used to be. It's also partly because I got promoted at Caribou, which has been wonderful for a number of reasons. One. Pay raise. Two. Guaranteed hours each week. Three. I can quit my second job thus avoiding the demon that resides in the gas station.

The demon is real. I'm not 100% sure it's a demon, it might just be a frustrated ghost, but regardless, it is not happy. How do I know? It opens fridges, wanders around the store making noises, flickers the lights in the bathroom, fucks with the phone line and gas pumps, and just creeps me out. (I swear I wasn't high when I was working).

There is another demon that is legit, though. My coworker at Caribou, who I will refer to as Sharon, told me a really creepy story yesterday. First of all, she does not believe in ghosts or demons or anything. She hasn't seen Paranormal Activity, though I've mentioned to her my belief in demons. Anyways, she said that a few weekends ago when she and her fiance were out of town, her fiance's brother (who lives with them) was on the phone with his girlfriend in his room. Suddenly, he heard the laptop in the living room slam shut and the coffee table get dragged across the hardwood floor. He was so convinced someone was in the house that he immediately hung up on his girlfriend and searched the house up and down looking for someone. No one was there. He also mentioned that one day he came home to find the heavy, oak wood front door cracked open a bit. Sharon told me that no one uses the front door ever, so it is always locked and is also a very heavy door so there is no way the wind could have blown it open. After hearing all of this, I told Sharon to see Paranormal Activity 2 so that she could know the warning signs of bad spirits being inside of a house. Also, I told her to set up video cameras everywhere so that she could see what happens when everyone is asleep. And finally, I told her to keep the energy in her house positive by ending any potential argument or fight with, "We have to stop fighting in order not to give the demon any bad energy to feed off of." 60% of the time it works everytime.

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